Eye Catching Tile Patterns In Arizona

Now days, there are so many choices available in tiles to meet different tastes and preferences. It doesn’t matter whether you are working with a ceramic or a porcelain or stone tile but in fact, the character of a tiled floor or a wall comes from tile shapes, sizes and the patterns in which they are arranged. You can combine different colors and tiles with uniform squares can also jazz up the tile patterns. By creating an eye catching and attractive floor or wall pattern for your room, you can express your personal style and design a truly unique room.

Choosing a right tile design and pattern is as important as the type of tile you choose for your room. The following are different tile patterns that can add interest to a floor or wall of your house:

Diagonally with dots pattern

Tile flooring Arizona lay down the tiles of any type at a degree of 45 to one another with a dot on each side.  Tile installation Tucson for this pattern adds interest by creating a focal point and breaks up the crisscross pattern. This tile pattern not only makes the room look beautiful but also make it appears larger by shifting focus to tile spread.

Basket weaved pattern

Arizona tile stores uses rectangular tile in such a way that it appears with a texture of a woven basket. Tile installation Tucson says that this pattern is best for small places and appears best with natural stoned tiles.

Windmill pattern

Tile installation Tucson arranges 4 rectangular tiles surrounding a square tile that looks like a spinning windmill. This pattern looks amazing as a border or a backsplash. Tile flooring Arizona uses a darker tile for the rectangular center to create an eye-catching accent.

Check board pattern

Arizona tile stores use this pattern with a straight or a diagonal layout by using two different colors. Tile flooring Arizona keeps the rest of the room simple that compliments to this tile pattern.

Zigzag or herringbone pattern

In this pattern, tile stores Arizona uses small sized rectangular tiles placed on a perpendicular arrangement to one another for a zigzag look. This pattern makes the narrow room or a hallway appear larger.

Pinwheel pattern

Tile installation Tucson uses tiles that larger in size for this pattern. Tile stores Arizona uses two colored tiles that give a fantastic visual effect. This tile pattern can give a more dynamic look when combined with different types of tiles.

Running bond pattern

This pattern seems to be like a pattern of a brick or a stonewall. Arizona tile stores use this pattern to hide uneven surfaces or other imperfect surfaces to give a gorgeous look.

The choices and patterns are endless, so before deciding upon the tile pattern, you should analyze the available space, your budget and then define the style for the particular room.