Choosing a Reclaimed Wood Floor

Reclaimed wood is nothing but processed wood that were previously used in ancient homes, buildings, docks barns, factories etc. Reclaimed wood is also known as antique wood and is used mainly for decorating homes, flooring and furniture. Reclaimed wood is revived and is recycled into something new and different. This wood is considered to be top notch and a material that is very durable and flexible.

Why choose reclaimed wood for furniture?

Reclaimed wood has a natural character and softness with different knots and grains. Your furniture will have finely crafted grooves, nicks and some imperfections that take ages to develop otherwise. Unlike our common MDF material every piece has a very distinctive look.

Why reclaimed wood floor:

Choosing reclaimed wood is basically dependant on one’s own preference and taste. It depends on whether you like the look of old wood made into your new floor. A variety of species like chestnut, pine are found in reclaimed wood flooring. You can also find different lengths and widths.

Reclaimed wood gained its popularity because of “go green”. Reusing something that is a limited resource and using it is a very sensible thought. With reclaimed wood the issue can be the price, as it is made from old wood the process is very intense and uses a lot of man power. You can save by using a bit of both, like for instance if you use reclaimed wood in living areas you can find the same type in newly sawn wood and use it in the private areas or can choose to use narrow planks instead wide ones.

Below you can find some pros and cons in choosing reclaimed wood.

Pros of reclaimed wood:

  • You can use this wood in multiple ways like for flooring, counter-tops, shelves, paneling and cabinets.
  • The idea of using reclaimed wood is very Eco friendly. Once reclaimed wood is being used it doesn't go in to dump yard which reduces the environmental hazards. When reclaimed wood is being used then the use of new wood is reduced, which in turn reduces the cutting up of trees and controls deforestation.
  • Reclaimed wood comes from the oldest trees; this makes it the strongest and the quality is unbeatable.
  • Reclaimed wood has a unique look as it is well aged and weathered.

Cons of reclaimed wood:

Due to its sudden popularity, sellers falsely claim that normal wood is reclaimed wood. You should go to a reputed dealer who has certificates for example from “rain-forest alliance”.

Reclaimed wood can be double the cost of newly sawn wood because of the process. 

You should test your wood before purchasing it for harmful chemicals or toxins. Companies may treat wood with volatile organic compounds, insecticides or lead. You must also make sure where the old wood came from so you can get a better idea about any treatments done to it. 

Pests love wood. Before going ahead with reclaimed wood, check for signs of a pest infestation. Holes or crumbling wood are a couple of signs.

Make sure you get your reclaimed wood from an authorized dealer or otherwise there may be some unforeseen problems like nails or some unrefined materials.


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