How To Install A Broken Tile Mosaic Floor

What can look better than tile flooring? Broken tile floors! Yes, they can look gorgeous.  The best part about it is that it can come with the bare minimum cost. They are ideal for porches and patios. You can also have them as borders to certain flooring or as the centre stage for a floor. They can be the most creative part of your house where your creativity can be put to use. 

With the help of broken tiles you can form beautiful mosaic tile flooring. People usually think of mosaic floors when they have broken left over tiles. But there are no rules to this. You can even go to the store, buy the tiles of the color that you prefer and smash them in a gunny sack. Yes, it sounds like a lot of fun and has the potential to show good results too. You could choose colorful and vibrant tiles Iike shades of blue and red or you could go for a more sober genre of pastel colors. Both will form a stunning floor.

Broken Tile Mosaic Floor

When you’ve decided the space you want to do your mosaic in, draw up a rough sketch on paper if there is any particular pattern you want to form. If you don’t have anything in mind, then you can  just go with the flow- which will form a mosaic in the true sense.
Have a look at your tile pieces. Try to break them all into a uniform size. They don’t have to be the same, but it is preferred if they are similar. Keep away chipped tiles or the one that look damaged rather than broken. The floor must also be comfortable to walk on, not just good to look at. There must be no sharp or pointy edges. Use a metal file or a silicon carbide rubbing stone to make the sharp edges and corners blunt. 

Broken Tile Mosaic Floor Installation Tips:

Clean out the area where you want to install the tiles. Broom and clean it well such that no specks of dust remain. Corner-off the edges to not allow any traffic on it any more. The first thing you will need is a thinset. Buy it from the hardware store and mix it according to manufacturer’s directions. It should be the consistency of peanut butter. Don’t let it rest for too long as it might get difficult to work with, if it changes consistency. Use a trowel to spread the thinset over a workable area. Take pieces of tiles and place them on the thinset, slightly twisting them into it to make sure the stay. Leave gaps in between tiles. Now spread the thinset with the trowel in another area and lay the tiles again. Repeat the process till your floor is full.

Allow this to rest for a while. For the next step, you could use either grout or cement. Make it a liquid yet not runny consistency. Pour it on the floor, preferable in between the tiles. Don’t worry about it being on the tiles, it can easily be wiped off. Make sure that everything is levelled. Use a damp sponge or a cloth to wipe off anything from the surface of the tiles. Allow it to rest.

That’s it! Your stunning DIY broken mosaic tile floor is ready to flaunt!


Broken tile mosaic flooring looks beautiful. This type of flooring is specially good in areas where the weather is warmer than most.