Thursday, 27 August 2015

What Are the Different Types of Laminate Flooring?

Shopping for a new floor can be quite strenuous, as you have to think about the various points like the style, design and the most important is whether it is fitting your budget or not. A laminate floor is one such floor covering that suits best when it comes to durability, maintenance and the cost. It is a good option if you have kids, pets or if you have guests coming over often. Another advantage of laminate floors is that it can be used almost anywhere in a home that includes some areas where you cannot use hardwood flooring. They are long lasting floors that are resistant to high wear and tear; to dents, they do not fade or stain easily.
 Laminate floors are considered the best alternate to carpets and hardwood flooring.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Comparison of Vinyl Plank & Laminate Plank Flooring

Anybody who is looking for economical home installations and easily installable ones will finally come down to two choices- Vinyl plank flooring or laminate plank flooring.  To someone who doesn't know much, they might seem the same. But that’s far from true. Vinyl flooring and Laminate flooring differ on everything else apart from what has already been mentioned.