How to Maintain Marble Floors?

Marble offers a lavish flooring option that boasts of classiness and beauty to your home. Installing marble is a wonderful addition to one’s home. Though marble has an alluring appearance, but also a delicate stone flooring and should require a great care on a regular basis to maintain your floor’s clean and shiny. To keep in looking its best for years, it requires proper care and protection to prevent stains, breaks and scuffs. It is also important to take care of spills as soon as they occur so that water or other liquids will not get stained on your marble floors.

Keep your marble floors looking new for ages by following theses cleaning tips

Things you need-

  • Bucket
  • Water (Hot)
  • Ammonia (If required)
  • Soft white cloths
  • Mop
  • Neutral pH cleaners
  • Marble cleaner

Steps to clean your marble floors-

  1. Fill the bucket with hot water and wet the mop with water and clean the marble floor softly.
  2. If the floor is dirtier than usual flooring, then you should use stronger agent than water to clean your marble flooring. Add a small quantity of ammonia to the water and gently mop the entire floor with it.
  3. Or you can also use neutral ph cleaners in once or twice a year to remove dirt and grime. 
  4. Rinse the floor with clean warm water.
  5. Using towels/ soft cloths dry your floors to avoid water marks/ spots. Make sure the floor is complete dry.
  6. If your marble floors become dull and dingy in the long run, you can use marble cleaners and polish to bring back to life of your marble flooring. But make sure to follow the instructions of the label of the product or the manufacturer’s instructions. 

General tip-

Regular sweeping or vacuuming on a daily basis can keep your floors look new and fresh. This could remove dirt or dust on your marble flooring.


  • Avoid using harsh cleaners or acids on your marble floors as they may ruin the surface of your flooring. 
  • Using vinegar on marble could cause damage at times. 
  • For high- level cleanings, hire an expert to clean your stone tile flooring. As they follow some process carefully to remove dirt, dust or debris and gets your marble flooring back to clean and fresh. 
  • Treat all the stains quickly as soon you notice, this is because marble is porous and will swiftly absorb stains.


The longer you wait to get stain out of the marble, the harder it will be to get it out. So, act quickly as soon as you notice.


Before constructing marble floors we should first predict some fact on how to maintain and clean marble floors. Most of the house owners are taking professional help in order to clean and maintain their marble floors; as we well known with the fact that marble floors are very expensive and it requires maintenance at regular intervals.
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