Tuesday, 30 June 2015

What Causes Carpet Rippling

If you have carpet floors, you may have noticed that your carpet may have some ripples in it. Ripples are basically wrinkles that rise up from the surface, if that area of the carpet is loose. This has many names and can be called as buckling, wrinkling or stretching. There are many reasons or causes for carpet floors to ripple.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

How to Install Outdoor Carpet

Laying carpet in the outdoor area provides a non skid surface and also provides a dust free area. It makes you feel safe and comfortable because of the carpet softness. Carpeting the unattractive concrete or any outside surface makes it look beautiful and is very easy to cover up the uneven areas. Outdoor carpets can hold up the sunlight and the water with a reasonable price. To install carpet it does not need any special skills. Installation of the outdoor carpet can be done in less than a day even for first time DIYers, depending on the size of the selected area. Below are the basic steps to install your carpet on the outdoor areas like staircases, garages, concrete areas and etc.