How to Install Outdoor Carpet

Laying carpet in the outdoor area provides a non skid surface and also provides a dust free area. It makes you feel safe and comfortable because of the carpet softness. Carpeting the unattractive concrete or any outside surface makes it look beautiful and is very easy to cover up the uneven areas. Outdoor carpets can hold up the sunlight and the water with a reasonable price. To install carpet it does not need any special skills. Installation of the outdoor carpet can be done in less than a day even for first time DIYers, depending on the size of the selected area. Below are the basic steps to install your carpet on the outdoor areas like staircases, garages, concrete areas and etc.

Installation of the Outdoor Carpet:

Materials Used:

  • Tape measure
  • Box knife
  • Carpet
  • Blades
  • Whisk broom
  • Exterior carpet glue
  • Roller


  1. Firstly, Measure the length and the width of the selected area for carpeting. Determine the square footage by multiplying the length and width of the space and note it down to buy the amount of carpet needed.
  2. Before carpeting, make sure to repair the holes with water mixed in concrete patch. Otherwise, select a carpet with thin backing to sink into the pits. 
  3. Clear or sweep everything out like dirt and etc for the selected area before carpeting, and make sure that the area is clean, dry, flat and smooth. If the area is uneven, you need to level it out before the installation process.
  4. Spread the glue over the selected area by dipping the whisk broom into the glue.
  5. Start laying the carpet on the area by placing any edge of the carpet tight against the wall and then roll down the carpet towards you. 
  6. Spread another section with glue as you have done before. Unroll enough carpet to cover the glued area. Make sure to smooth down the bubbles and wrinkles in the glued carpet with your hand. 
  7. Make sure to continue the above step by gluing and unrolling the carpet until you reach the edge of the surface. 
  8. Cut the excess carpet on the edges of the area with the box knife. Hold down the carpet tightly at the edge to cut it down straight line.
  9. Smoothen any bumpy areas and it is recommended to walk along the edges of the area to ensure the proper adherence.
  10. Use a carpet roller to press down firmly to make sure the carpet sticks properly. 
  11. Clean up the excess glue immediately with a cloth otherwise the glue will get stuck and will be hard to remove at a later time. 
  12. Leave down the carpeted area to dry overnight for better results before you use the new carpet. 

Outdoor carpet is perfect for adding comfort to any outside areas. It holds up incredibly well, with a potential life of many years and is very easy to clean. Installing outdoor carpet is very simple and can be done with simple household materials without the use of a professional.