Benefits of Cork Flooring

Cork- Cork is a renewable and natural material produced from the bark of cork oak trees, usually covered with a protective coating and valued for its fire- resistance, water repellent, environmental friendly and most importantly reduces the presence of allergens. Cork gained its popularity over the past years as the best flooring material because of its durability, beauty, green qualities and low- maintenance appeal. Cork flooring has many intrinsic properties making it a preferable choice for commercial areas.

Hence Cork Flooring is-

  • Cork flooring virtually enhances any room’s style and decor.
  • Cork is green friendly.
  • Cork floors have a natural, random appearance that creates an elegant look.
  • Cork floors are health friendly- hypoallergenic.

Cork Flooring
Cork Flooring

In addition to this, here you can see the benefits of cork flooring-

Comfort- Cork flooring provides natural comfort, luxuriously soft, beautiful to look at, yet easy to care for. Cork is a sound insulator and is perfect for hallways, entrances, basements, family rooms and kitchens.  Cork provides enough comfort to people standing for a longer time.

Versatility- Cork is a beautiful natural flooring product that comes in an array of colors with naturally varied patterns and textures in many styles and sizes.

Durability- Cork floors are durable and normally last longer than real wood flooring. Little maintenance is required to keep your cork flooring looking new for ages. Cork is resistant to scratching, abrasions and is impervious to water and fire.

Affordable- Premium quality, at the lowest possible pricing.

Noise Insulator- Among other advantages of cork flooring is their ability to reduce sounds and vibration. Unlike hard materials like wood, vinyl or tile, cork is quiet and reduces impact such as pet walk or dropping something on the floor.

Health- Cork is naturally resistant to mold, mildew and yeast. Being resistant to mold and mildew is extremely good for health and household as well.

Safe- Cork is fire resistant in nature and produces less smoke and releases less toxic substance than other materials like vinyl. These natural properties and the finishing used to seal the cork flooring makes it healthy and safe for adults, kids and pets.

Ultimately, cork floors will look fantastic in any room and make a statement like no other flooring available today for busy areas. Cork is a price- worthy flooring option; it makes a perfect choice for a home or office.