How to Carpet care?

Carpet Flooring:

First and foremost, have you ever dropped a dish or glass before on your floor? Probably there are chances and if you did you would have spent the next few minutes cleaning up the broken dish and glass. But with carpet you will never come across these problems, as the carpeted floor has more comfort and is a safer floor. Carpet costs appreciably less than any other flooring like marble, tile or hardwood.

Hence Carpet is:
  •     Easy to Care For,
  •     Provides Sound Reduction,
  •     Offers Warmth & Insulation,
  •     Comfort to homes and offices ,
  •     Extremely Affordable

Few easy proactive steps will upkeep your carpet appear good over time.

Don't route dirt inside:
Laying walk-off mats outside all entrance way will help to absorb soil and moisture and trap excessive oil, grit, dirt, sand, asphalt that might otherwise be tracked into the home. Clean the used mats on a regular basis or sooner, when they need it, so they don't become sources of soil themselves. Take off your shoes when you get home, but leave your socks on because walking around in bare feet will leave behind natural oils that attract dirt.

Frequent vacuuming:
Vacuum regularly and thoroughly at least twice or thrice a week. For best results, vacuuming every day is also advisable. It is simply the best and easiest way to care for your carpet. This will remove dust, lint and fluff. For heavy traffic areas, slow repeated vacuum strokes over the same area of carpet may be necessary. Always vacuum against the natural direction of the pile to help remove dirt and to achieve a uniform finish. Don't ignore the corners where dust builds.

Protect carpet when moving heavy furniture occasionally:
Moving your furniture on occasion won't just recommence the feel of your room, it will also help to avoid excessive pile crushing. When moving heavy wheeled furniture prevent the damage by placing a protective barrier of heavy plywood or cardboard between the wheels and the carpet. Also consider using carpet protectors under the legs of tables, chairs, and other furniture.

Blot cleaning:
In the case of spills, remove the excess spillage immediately by scraping any solids and blotting liquids with an absorbent material. Act quickly but don't rub or scrub aggressively as this will start to twist and fray. Don't be tempted to use any kind of strong stain removers that you see advertised on late-night TV as they can take the color out.

Reduce periods of direct sunlight:
Protect your carpet from prolonged periods of direct sunlight. Once you see that your carpet is fading away make use of blinds, shades, or awnings to protect.

If you want the best clean for your carpet and don’t want to risk having visible wrinkles and to make your carpet look new again, it is recommended to have carpet cleaned approximately every 12-18 months with experienced carpet cleaners preferably a member of a recognized industry group. As stated, effectively cleaned carpet is the best way to raise indoor air quality and combat allergies. Not only for the appearance, but for some health reasons get your carpet cleaned.


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