Hardwood Floors- 7 Secrets for Selecting the Perfect Flooring

 Do you know that hardwood flooring is healthier than any other kind of floor covering? Indoor air quality is one of the largest health threats that humans experience every day.  So, by installing a hardwood floor you can improve the quality of the air exceptionally in your home. At the same time, you should follow a couple of important functional and design thoughts to create an amazing and welcoming look of hardwood flooring in your home.

Any variety of hardwood you purchase, you should pay attention to these 7 tips for a healthy environment in your home

Hardwood Floors- 7 Secrets for Selecting the Perfect Flooring
Hardwood Flooring
1. Design Styles- There are countless colours and styles to select in today’s market. It may be a daunting task to make the right flooring choice of hardwood.  Select the right flooring style that enhances your overall interior design style in your home.

2. Situational Factors- Almost every installation will have functional or physical requirements which help you in focus on your choices and selection for the proper flooring system.

3. Sub- Flooring- The quality of any new hardwood installation will only be as good as the sub-floor beneath. The sub-floor needs to be dry, stable and level/ flat for better results. Concrete sub-floors generally work for only laminate installations, but ensure you know to install a quality underlayment that provides a good sound insulation and proper moisture barrier. A poorly installed hardwood/ laminate floor will sound hollow while you walk across it.

4. Temperature and Humidity- To prevent warping or cupping of your hardwood floors, make sure there is a stable temperatures and proper ventilation year round. Laminate floors works best in areas having extreme humidity levels. 

5.Installation- Time and cost is an often overlooked factor while you choose flooring. Floating laminate floors of glue- less click style can be a weekend project to complete who are experienced in doing their own. It is a simple project for DIY’s where you can save your budget on labour. Other flooring installations are usually tricky and require professional installation in most cases. 

6. Traffic Expectations- The impact of high traffic depends on the quality of the material you select. So choose the material that can withstand in high volume of traffic. Hardwood floors having high “hardness rankings” given by “Janka Scale” are extremely durable, strong , long- lasting and can withstand high amount of traffic. Softer woods are usually not a good option for high traffic areas. 

7. Warranty- Before you purchase the hardwood read the specifications of the product and warranty coverage on the labels of hardwood. It’s a good idea as it provides the complete information to protect your savings. Hiring a professional manufacturer with a brand name product that has a customary track record is your best protection of your flooring.
Now it’s time to pick your favourite hardwood for your flooring to have attractive interiors in your home.