How to Install Carpet on Stairs?

In a typical space you can walk out randomly, your feet moving here and there on the floor. But in case of stairs, the only motive is being attentive while walking along with the way showed by the construction itself. When choosing to carpet your stairs you must to be very cautious, as staircases are one of the heaviest trafficked zones in a residence. Carpet on a staircase will hold lots of abrasions on the steps and come with a visual aspect to a home's d├ęcor. Because the stairs are so heavily travelled on, knowing how to carpet stairs is always recommendable. If performed well, carpeting your stairs can be soft, durable, warm and even safe padding to a stairway.

If you want to carpet your stairs on your own, the following instructions should be followed accordingly.

How to carpet-stairs?
How to carpet-stairs?

Step 1: Installing Tackless Strips:

Begin from the top of the staircase. Make use of tape to measure the width of a single stair step, from the inner edge of the tackless strip of one wall to the inner edge of the tackless strip on the other side of the wall. Cut the measured width for the carpet padding.

Step 2: Installing the Padding:

Padding should be marked, measured and then cut with the use of an utility blade directed by a straight edge. Pull the padding tight over the length of the stair and down over the edge. Repeat this process for each pace, being careful not to damage the stair’s surface with the knife.
Ensure that the padding is firmly in place, for a tighter, safer, and more secure carpet installation.

Step 3: Trim the Carpet to Required Size:

Place tack strips along each step’s tread and riser; make sure that each side meets the wall. Attach the carpet to the staircase with pins/ nails using a hammer; ensure it fits appropriately to the staircase. Trim away any extra carpeting using the utility knife carefully.

Step 4: Straightening the Runner's Edges:

If necessary, make use of the awl to pull the bottom fold out, so that the edges of the carpet runners are straightened. Afterwards, staple them in place against wiggling the stapler in between the fibers of the carpet.


DIY of Installing carpet on stairs can be difficult, hard and labour-intensive; also can be done even by a beginner – with some understanding and persistence. Make sure you know what is required before you decide to take time required for DIY, or to hire a professional. However, any mistakes during the installation process, the carpet can start to misstep or skid, and it will be a dangerous stair fall hazard.