Brighten Up Your Living Space with Laminate Tile Flooring

Your home is something you have worked hard for. This is the place where you will relax, bring up your kids have friends come over, basically it is your life. To keep this space the way you want it to be, you must choose laminate floors as they can help brighten up and liven up the space. Laminate floors are available in various colors, designs and textures. Many advantages like the designs, durability and it is ease to care for, help us choose laminate floors more often.

Buying a house is an easy task, when compared to designing it the way you want it be and making it your home. There are so many varieties to choose from like the theme of a room, the colors etc. You may find some too boring or some too daring. Before you begin, you need to know about your attitude and personality and what suits your lifestyle the best.Laminate flooring is mostly chosen because of its convenience of fitting into any room décor and it has the capability to mimic the look of natural hardwood or even stone. Cleaning is relatively simple and it is easy to wipe up the spills immediately. The only problem is that, water cannot sit on your laminate floor for excess time as it can damage the laminate and can ruin the life of your flooring. Though they are not entirely safe they are more durable and much easier to maintain when compared to hardwood floors. They are resistant to scratch marks, burns and even moisture if the right laminate is picked.

Laminate floors don’t just add value to your home but give a very attractive look to your rooms by brightening up the room. You must know that, light colored tiles make the room bright whereas darker shades give a regal and a classy look.

There are two types of laminate tiles. One is using glue and the other is nailing the laminate planks on to the floor. It can be easily removed when you decide to change the look of the room.

Laminate Tile Flooring

To install this type of floor kindly follow the instructions given below.

  • Firstly remove all furniture and furnishings from the room. Clean up the room thoroughly and see that there is no dust or dirt stuck to the floor. Air the room completely for no signs of dampness.
  • Start by arranging the first strip. Lay one strip after the other to avoid it from becoming a mess. Trim the sides to fit according to the cupboards and wall moldings.
  • Once the first strip is arranged, pull away 1/4th from the wall to make a gap needed for the planks to expand.
  • Start with the second row by cutting of the tongue from one side of the floor and place it near the edge of the wall. Next place the tongue over the groove of the first one and gently hammer using a rubber mallet/hammer and see that they are locked in place. 
  • Repeat this process till all the tiles are locked in. As you continue doing it do not forget to place spacers along the side of the wall.
  • Once you are done with one part, at the end of the planks attach them with the glue strips. Continue with the tapping till you are done with the entire room.
Laminate tile flooring is considered to be a cheap alternate to the real hardwood floors that is easy to install and easy to maintain. 

Lastly if you want to brighten your living space, you must let go of the cliché that light colors brighten the room and dark colors will make the room small. Actually, if you have light colored floors your furniture and decorating accents should be dark colors and if the floors are dark then the décor should be light. The best combination is to have dark furniture on light color floors, this will help make your room bright and give a very classy look.